The ‘Lympics.


That is my single word to describe the way the Olympics has gone so far!  Its been a rough couple of races so far for me.  I had a good start going in the Sprint race on Sautrday.  I cleaned both stages and was on my way to a decent finish, when I somehow pinched a nerve in my back on the last loop.  Lets just say the  pain was so intense I had thoughts of dropping out with less than 2km to go.  However it was mostly all downhill to the finish at that point, and I was able to coast my way into the finish.  But the time lost pushed me back quite a bit and I ended up in 45th.

I still was in an ok start position for the pursuit on Monday.  I knew with good shooting and fast skiing anything could happen.  Only one of those panned out.  I felt much better skiing than I had on Saturday where it was just my first race in almost a month.  However it wasn’t my day on the shooting range and I came away with 7 misses, pretty dismal shooting especially on a range as easy as this one in Sochi.

Despite both bad races, I was able to reset mentally and I was determined to have a good race in the Individual last night.  But yet again it turned out that it wasn’t my day.  My barrel has been acting up a bit in the different light or temperature conditions between zero and race time in the last few weeks.  It hadn’t been a problem so far since I was able to zero after dark.  Last night I had to zero much earlier than normal while the sun was still up, and it turned out to be a disaster during the race.  The during my second prone stage the group of shots inexplicably moved high, and despite taking clicks the worst happened and I came away with 5 misses in the stage!

Thats part of life I suppose.  There’s a little bit of a break now until my next race.  I’d like to congratulate Lowell Bailey on his historic 8th place finish last night!  Both he and Tim are qualified for the Mass Start now, both will be hungry for a top result!

All that being said, I’m still at the Olympics and I’m having a pretty good time!  With a few days until my next race, hopefully I’ll be able to make it down to the coastal village cluster and be able to soak in some of the atmosphere there.

Thanks for checking in and for all the support!


Sick. Again.

No races for me this weekend. I’ve been confined to my bed for most of the week. Seems to me a recurrent sinus infection. Might be because I didn’t take the time to fully recover from my last sickness, I’m not sure. But it’s a drag. However if there’s a place and time to get sick, it’s here in Antholz, and now.

With a few weeks to go still before the Olympics, there’s still plenty of time to prepare. Antholz is the perfect place to do it. We have some of the best food on the circuit here, and its a perfect place to relax! I’ve made it out onto the lake for a few walks…

Training camp starts on Monday then! The last preparation!

Thanks for checking in

Germany Wrap-up

Well, it’s time to say goodbye Germany. To be honest I’m actually pretty excited about that! The last two weeks have had such the variance in conditions that I’m excited to get to Italy and finally have some normal winter!!

Despite the conditions, I’m pretty happy with the last two WC’s. Both were a definite improvement over the first trimester of racing and it shows that I’m on the right track towards Sochi. With only a few weeks to go now until the Olympics start, these races were important to be able to see that the progression is on the right track! Though there have been a few disappointments too, in general I’ve been pleased with that progression!

We head to Antholz, Italy today with our full Olympic team! It’s been pretty quiet the last two weeks with only five athletes here, but congratulations to Russell, Sean, Hannah, Sara, and Lanny on qualifying! It will be good to finally have a full team traveling and racing, as well as be able to complete in the relays again!

Thanks for checking in. More from Antholz this week!

Where does the white go when the snow melts?