Its a nice little Saturday evening here in Norway! The team has been here in Sjusoen, outside Lillehammer, since last Monday getting in some early season training on snow! While relaxing by the fire, I’m getting ready for a big matchup tomorrow! Now, you might think I’m talking about biathlon, yes I am doing the first biathlon race of the year tomorrow, but thats not nearly as important as my fantasy football game against Tim. It will be a tough matchup, though I’m sure Tim will scoff at this, but its about time someone took him down from the top!Ok ok, so yes there is also a biathlon race tomorrow… Lowell and I are competing in a test race run by the German team here in Sjusoen. The Germans are using the race to select their World cup and IBU cup teams for the races next week, Lowell and I however are just using the opportunity to do a hard workout and see what improvements we can still make before next weeks opener in Ostersund!

I’ll hopefully make a post in the next few days with a followup on the race, as well as hopefully a few pictures!

Thanks for checking in

Training Camp in Sweden!

Since my last update it doesn’t really seem like too much has happened.  For the most part I’ve been at home base in Lake Placid for the majority of the summer.  However the last two weeks have been a nice little change from that as teammate Sean Doherty and I traveled to Östersund, Sweden for a little training camp! Other than that it seems its just been the normal ups and downs of life as a biathlete!

Shortly after my last post I managed once again to sprain my ankle.  It had been about two years since I’d last sprained it, but I was pretty mad to say the least.  Fortunately for me it happened right in the middle of the World Cup, so I had plenty of futbol to watch from the couch!

After a week or two of recovery I was more or less able to get back to normal training.  Just in time as it was time to pack my bags and head overseas to Sweden!  I had never been to Sweden in the summer before.  Funny thing, it’s a little bit different in the summer than in winter!  I was greeted by temps in the upper 80’s and about 20 hours of daylight each day!
It has been perfect for training in more ways than that.  With the Women’s national team at a training camp in Finland, and teammates Tim and Lowell staying behind in the States to gear up for a weekend of rollerski races; it has just been myself, Sean Doherty, and our new coach Jonas (Jo-nasty) Johansson!  I’d say its a pretty good coach-athlete ratio, and has enabled us to be very efficient in our work!

A few highlights below: some of these I’ve already put out on Twitter and Instagram…

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Thanks for checking in!  Tomorrow Sean and I will drive down to meet the rest of the team in Torsby, Sweden for the last week of camp.  Some on snow skiing in the ski tunnel there, as well as some joint sessions with the Swedish team!


A summer update!

Fun times in the summer!

So far this summer has been a blast, full of fun, a few major changes, and of course a ton of hard training! As I move on into the final weeks of June, here’s a little update from the summer so far. Sorry not many pictures, I’ll get around to that!

Of course after the season I took a little break, time to relax, recover and have some fun. During this time I had a small surgery on my sinuses; with the goal of opening my nasal cavity and hopefully be able to stave off the many sinus infections I seem to get. That surgery went well, and so far I’ve been plenty healthy!

Of course, in order to recover from surgery I had to be somewhere warm and sunny! California was again calling my name, and after a few weeks of sunburn, biking, and beach time, I was fully recovered and ready to get into training!

Our first training camp began again in Bend, Oregon, and so started the second major change: coaching. It has been a pleasure working with Armin the last few years. Indeed I would not be the same athlete without his shooting guidance the last 4 years. But it was his time to move on, and our new coach to take his place! Enter Jonas Johansson of Sweden. This tall Swedish brain has made his presence on the team felt immediately! With a new point of view, and new ideas, I’ve no doubt he can take our team to a new place!

At the conclusion of Bend camp, it was back home to Lake Placid to continue with normal dry land training. The addition of a new diet, and spacious apartment (complete with roommate!) have made the training and living situation much more bearable then the past. I’m excited to move on through the summer and see what gains I can make for next season!

Thanks for checking in. Hopefully I’ll have another update soon with a few more pictures!

Where does the white go when the snow melts?