Back Stateside!


Yes its been quite a while.  My bad?  In my defense it seems like no matter where I am in Europe, the internet never really works right.  It may work ok for a day, or even two, but eventually it breaks.  Quite a lot has happened in the last few weeks though! From the mountains of Austria, to the beaches of Croatia; a little snow skiing in Germany, a new stock, and finally home to the USA!

After a week of training in the cold, rainy mountains in Obertilliach, Austria, the coaches decided we needed a little break.  With three days of rest planned ahead, the team and I decided a little 5 hour drive south to the beach would be a good rest!  It couldn’t have been more perfect!  With solid blue skies and crystal clear water, Croatia should definitely be on everyone’s vacation list.

Sittin on the beach

The beach was not to last however, and after three short sunburned days, were back into the mountains 😦  With only 10 days left of camp though, there was now just enough motivation left from the beach to finish out the camp strong.  And I would need it for what was to come… the ski tunnel.  I have never skied in August before, and it was exactly what I figured it would be.

The ski tunnel in Oberhof is 1.5km long.  With the temperature constantly a balmy 22 degrees F, it was quite the contrast to the beach!  But loop after loop after loop, thrown in the with promise that we would finally be going home in less than 5 days, made the training sessions in the tunnel seem eternal. The days wound down however, and soon it was time to pack. I however, had been having a little extra work to do!  For the last 3 days of the camp, I had been working on the project of making a new custom stock.  The stock makers shop, conveniently just down the road from our hotel in Oberhof, was busy night and day. I would go after the morning training session, work a little, figure out some things to change, and return after the afternoon training session, to find all my adjustments had been made.

Lowell happy to have reached the top alive

Now it is back to the normal training here in the USA.  I spent last week resting, and watching a little mountain biking racing at the UCI World Championships of Mountain Biking and Trials at Mount Saint Anne, just outside of Quebec city.  There were some full days of racing at Mount St. Anne, it almost made me want to become a mountain biker… but I think I’m just a little to clumsy to pull it off.  I think for the near future I’ll just stick with skiing and shooting… because there is way less consequence for the clumsy??

Mathias Fluckiger... U23 World Champ and my new hero. Photo by: Corrine Malcolm

So for the next two weeks we have a good block of training here in Lake PLacid.  Fall has struck here in upstate NY, it was a nice and cool 55 degrees for the morning workout today!!  I always love this time of year, just for the temps.  I have also been reunited with my road bike, and with a slight ankle injury still lingering around, I’m sure I will be spending lots of time on it! I will hopefully be posting a little more often now that I’m back in the USA… So be sure to check back here regularly for updates!

Hope everyone enjoyed their labor day weekend!


On to more mountains.


After a nice little one hour drive this morning, the team has successfully moved our training camp from, Antholz, Italy; to Obertilliach, Austria.  Though they aren’t far apart, there is going to be a big difference in the training…

In Antholz, the only team training there besides the US team, was the Ukraine team.  But here in Obertilliach, we will be joined by teams from Russia, Austria, Belarus, and Germany.  With the extra teams here, it makes for a little more excitement during training.  Hopefully we will get some of other athletes to join us in a time trial later in the week!

We have an off day today, but tomorrow we are back to some heavy training.  I will get some pictures sometime in the next few days of all the chaos!

Thanks for checking in!

Hiking and Biking

Well, another few days have gone by, a few more 3 hour runs, 5 hour bike rides, some intervals; you know, normal stuff that everyone does right??

I think its just a little more epic here in europe though!  The views, the mountains, everything is fairly extreme.  Yesterday the team was out for a 4 hour bike ride through the Alps.  We dragged ourselves up a solid 4 mountain passes, that climbed over 3,000 meters total (about 10,000 ft).  Tuesday I attemped to climb Mt.Hochgal(11,500 ft) by myself… but once I hit the glaciers and impassable cliffs, I was forced to turn around, which anyone who knows me knows that I hate missing out on anything extreme or potentially life threatening… 🙂 but I think my mother would be proud, or horrified!

We are here in the Antholz valley until saturday, then we make a move over to Obertilliach, Austria!  Some pictures of my adventures below…

Thanks for checking in!!

Where does the white go when the snow melts?