The Unexpected 

Well, it’s been an interesting start of the season for me.  The day before traveling to Sweden for the start of the World Cup in Östersund, I crushed my toe underneath our rollerski treadmill in Lake Placid.  I was told it was OK to travel and that I’d likely be fine in a couple of weeks.  After a week in Sweden I’d done several training sessions, as well as the single mixed relay with a lot of pain in my toe.  I decided there was no progress being made and stopped by the the hospital in Östersund for an x-ray on Wednesday.  It turns out I have a fracture in my toe! Also it’s  a good probability of an open fracture, which can be quite bad.  I spent Thursday flying back to New York, where I’m scheduled to have surgery this morning.  Hopefully surgery and recovery will go well and I’ll be back in the mix soon!  

I’ll post updates on progress,  thanks for checking in.

One thought on “The Unexpected ”

  1. Oh man, heal up fast! If it was an open fracture, wouldn’t you visually see that? It’s amazing to me that we don’t kill ourselves doing some of the sports we do. Then we end up hurting ourselves doing something that seems perfectly safe. Like slipping on the wood floor and hurting my ankle, elbow, shoulder and hand. Good luck with your toe.

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