Training Camp in Sweden!

Since my last update it doesn’t really seem like too much has happened.  For the most part I’ve been at home base in Lake Placid for the majority of the summer.  However the last two weeks have been a nice little change from that as teammate Sean Doherty and I traveled to Östersund, Sweden for a little training camp! Other than that it seems its just been the normal ups and downs of life as a biathlete!

Shortly after my last post I managed once again to sprain my ankle.  It had been about two years since I’d last sprained it, but I was pretty mad to say the least.  Fortunately for me it happened right in the middle of the World Cup, so I had plenty of futbol to watch from the couch!

After a week or two of recovery I was more or less able to get back to normal training.  Just in time as it was time to pack my bags and head overseas to Sweden!  I had never been to Sweden in the summer before.  Funny thing, it’s a little bit different in the summer than in winter!  I was greeted by temps in the upper 80’s and about 20 hours of daylight each day!
It has been perfect for training in more ways than that.  With the Women’s national team at a training camp in Finland, and teammates Tim and Lowell staying behind in the States to gear up for a weekend of rollerski races; it has just been myself, Sean Doherty, and our new coach Jonas (Jo-nasty) Johansson!  I’d say its a pretty good coach-athlete ratio, and has enabled us to be very efficient in our work!

A few highlights below: some of these I’ve already put out on Twitter and Instagram…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thanks for checking in!  Tomorrow Sean and I will drive down to meet the rest of the team in Torsby, Sweden for the last week of camp.  Some on snow skiing in the ski tunnel there, as well as some joint sessions with the Swedish team!


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