Germany Wrap-up

Well, it’s time to say goodbye Germany. To be honest I’m actually pretty excited about that! The last two weeks have had such the variance in conditions that I’m excited to get to Italy and finally have some normal winter!!

Despite the conditions, I’m pretty happy with the last two WC’s. Both were a definite improvement over the first trimester of racing and it shows that I’m on the right track towards Sochi. With only a few weeks to go now until the Olympics start, these races were important to be able to see that the progression is on the right track! Though there have been a few disappointments too, in general I’ve been pleased with that progression!

We head to Antholz, Italy today with our full Olympic team! It’s been pretty quiet the last two weeks with only five athletes here, but congratulations to Russell, Sean, Hannah, Sara, and Lanny on qualifying! It will be good to finally have a full team traveling and racing, as well as be able to complete in the relays again!

Thanks for checking in. More from Antholz this week!

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