Season Ending


Though it doesn’t seem like too long ago that I was making my way to Sweden for the WC opener, I’m pretty happy that the season is now over. There were a lot of things that I’ll be taking away from the last few months, both good and bad. In my opinion, this was my best overall season that I’ve ever had. Though there weren’t any totally amazing results, I had a very consistent season as a whole, and if I look back to where I was a year ago, I have to be pleased!

For now, I’m back home in MN for a few weeks of rest and relaxation! Though its hard to do that completely since there’s still over 2 feet of snow on the ground! So I’ll still be skiing for a few weeks to come hopefully!

This picture is taken from the Olympic village in Sochi, Russia. I’m already motivated and looking forward to a full summer of training ahead! Hopefully I’ll be back there next year, stronger, faster, and more accurate than ever! But for now, there’s a little time to rest still…

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