The first few races of World Championships have come and gone.  Mixed Relay, Sprint, and Pursuit.  I’ve spent all three of these races in pretty much the same place, crouched in front of the TV cheering on my team mates as they navigate their way through the slushy mess that has been the venue the last few days.

But being the alternate has its benefits too… I’ve learned to be patient, waiting for my turn to race.  I’ve learned that coffee is bad to drink while watching biathlon, something about caffeine mixing with a lot of enthusiasm… not always good.  I also think I’ve learned to be grateful for the races I DO get to do.  Sometimes maybe I took them for granted.  It also hasn’t been the best of seasons.  As of now I’ve been healthy for a whole month though! Maybe thats a sign that things have turned around.  I’ve done a total of 5 races since the beginning of January though, so I’m more than a little anxious to get to the start line!

Who knows when that will be?  Individual race on Tuesday, Mens Relay on Friday.  Its not certain when I will get to race, or even if.  But I will be ready when the time comes.

Tune in to to watch the races live… for results and other things biathlon…

along with  and for team USA news…

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