It seems I’ve done quite a bit of this recently.  In the last 6 days alone I’ve traveled through 5 different countries, watching the miles go by in car, train, bus and plane.  So far I haven’t had any mishaps with the travel, although I did manage to get sick again on the way home from Slovakia.  After the U26 Champs in Slovakia, teammate Russel and I drove back to Antholz for four days for a quick training camp with our coach Armin.

I didn’t really get a whole lot of training in Antholz though.  The sickness I incurred on the travel from Slovakia sank from my nose into my chest and lungs, and I was forced to spend a few days on the couch coughing and hacking to my hearts content.  I did however have one thing that helped immensely!  Armin lives just next door to a hotel owned by his aunt, so I spent a few afternoons down in their sauna!!  It was a pretty nice deal, and by the time I had to leave Antholz on Monday I was feeling much better!

After that the day was a piece of cake.  Just a quick wakeup at 4:30am, 3 hour drive to munich, 7 hour sit in munich, 2 hour plane ride to Stockholm, 3 hour train ride to Sundsvall, and 2 hour bus ride to Solleftea!! No problem! I arrived a little after midnight at Per’s house and went to sleep right away.  This morning I woke up to one of the best days of classic skiing I’ve had in a long time, and I look forward to staying in one place and training here for the next 2 weeks!! Hopefully I’ll get out my camera and take a few pictures while I’m here!

Check back in a few days!

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