That wasn’t such a bad weekend!

Although it didn’t start out great. I was pretty disappointed after the Sprint race on Saturday.  But I guess I wasn’t really expecting too much.  I didn’t even decide I was racing for sure until I woke up on Saturday morning.  But I felt good enough so I decided to go for it!

This range in Osrblie is a very easy range to shoot on.  It has a very long downhill and flat approach that gives you a lot of time to catch your breath before shooting.  I’m still not sure how I managed to rack up 3 penalties during the sprint, but it happened.  I was very disappointed with 45th, but still very determined to come back on Sunday and have a good race.

I managed to do just that, I knew the things I had to do differently, and it payed off.  Shooting was solid and skiing felt even better than Saturday.  Out wax techs worked their magic with our tiny little wax supply so we also had great skis!

Now I’m looking forward to the Individual race which takes place on tuesday afternoon!  I haven’t done an Individual race since the WC opener in Ostersund back in early December, so it should be a fun time! Check back on Wednesday to see how it went!!

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