Yes, I’ve been gone for a while…

I’m not exactly sure how long its been since I wrote a post last.  I always said to myself “I’ll write when I have something good to write about.”  But then if you go by that thinking, it helps to have something good to write about…

So far this season really hasn’t been much to talk about.  In fact, I’d say its been a pretty big disappointment.  Maybe not to some, but I like to think that I am my harshest critic so I’m sure that’s why it seems so bad.  No, I’m not giving up, there is still plenty of racing to go, but I’m thinking it’s about time things turn around.

I’m now sick, again.  This has been the third time since December that I’ve been sick.  I have no idea what the problem is, its starting to get on my nerves just a little.  I had a lot of travel before I was sick the two times before.  I was just starting to get back into the swing of things, I’d had a good two-week training block in Antholz and Nove Mesto, and now it seems I’m back somewhere in the vicinity of square one.  But no time for training, I get to jump right into racing!

After a somewhat disappointing relay on Sunday in Antholz, we had an off day monday, and then into the car Tuesday morning for a long drive (15hours) to Slovakia.  I’m now in a little town called Brezno preparing for the U26 european championships that start Saturday with a sprint.  Although I’m still on the fence about whether I will race or not, I’m feeling optimistic and looking forward to the possibility!

So, wish me luck, and maybe if things go well I will actually have more to write about in the future.  And maybe I’ll even take a picture or two!! But don’t hold your breath.

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