Its getting closer…

…The racing season that is.  Only four weeks from today!

As for now, I’m back in Lake Placid!  We’ve only got two more weeks of dryland training left this year (although there’s no snow in Sweden just yet).  Which is pretty exciting if you ask me!

The last few days in Utah were excellent.  Though the temperature was starting to turn a little colder, the training was just about perfect.  The weather was clear, my ankle was improving too, which enabled me to do more activites!  I also drove up to Park City for a VO2 max test at the USSA Center of Excellence.  That was a great experience, and also my first VO2 max test on rollerskis!  Although it was an ok test, I wasn’t very happy with the results, so I went back the next day for an encore!  But that happened to be the day that I decided to plant my pole between my legs and fly off the back of the treadmill… Turned out my first test was the better one anyway!

Below are a few pictures of the last few days in Utah!  Hopefully I’ll post a couple of the last week of training in Placid in the coming days!

Thanks for checking in!

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