As in every October, the US Biathlon community has descended upon Midway, Utah for our month long training camp.  Midway is home to Soldier Hollow, the sight of the 2002 Olympic biathlon and cross country venue.  Its always a great time of year to be here.  Back east the training is still good, but the weather often turns pretty nasty this time of year.  However, here in Utah it’s considered a bad day if there is one cloud in the sky and the temp is below 65!

This year however, I had an unfortunate setback a couple days into the camp.  I was out running on the mountain ridge behind our house, apparently not paying attention, and gave my ankle a nice little sprain.

So began the double poling.  Thats about the only way I could still train without using my ankle much.  I double poled countless loops around Soldier Hollow, up mountain passes, even a time trial.  After about 10 days of that, my arms are dead tired, my hands are blistered as hell, and I’m pretty sick of double poling!!  But the whole time my ankle was on the mend, and now its at about 95%.  Skating is no problem, as are most activities except running.

So now we have about 4 more days here in Utah.  Just a few more days of dryland training left this year!  Just two more weeks in Placid, and then I’m off to Sweden to start the real skiing leading up to the racing season!!

Below are a few pictures from the camp! Thanks for checking in!


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