Fun in the sun!

Yes, thats exactly what I’ve been up to.  I’ll make a bet though, now that I’ve mentioned it, I bet it rains plenty in the next week…

The last week has been spent here in Ruhpolding.  Just a normal, steady week of training, nothing too special.  Starting with today however things are starting to get a little more fun, exciting, and painful!

Also training here in Ruhpolding are the Slovenian, Italian, Estonian, and German B team.  For the last few days our coaches have been organizing a low key race between everyone.  So this morning we donned our start bibs, zeroed our rifles and had a nice little TT!  It wasn’t quite a “normal” biathlon race, there were a few little differences.  Mostly that it was only 13km (an odd distance for a race), and there was only 30 seconds added to your time (instead of the normal 1 minute).  Turnout was good, with about 22 men and 14 women.

The US team did pretty good.  Though I’m not sure how the women faired, I can tell you that Lowell was 1st, Tim 2nd, I was 5th, and Jay was 15th.  We all skied pretty fast, and shot pretty good, all in all, a pretty good day of the biathlon!

On Saturday the pain comes again.  In the form of a uphill, hour long sufferfest: the Rossfeldt.  Last year I just about died.  I’m actually looking forward to it this year though! Hopefully I’ll get a few pictures of the fun! Meanwhile, heres some pictures from the last few days of training here!

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