Well, after about 4 days here in Ruhpolding, things are finally settling down!  The sleep is returning to normal, the training is getting into its training camp rhythm, and the bavarian sunshine is actually existant!

It was a pretty easy travel to get here.  A quick flight from Albany to Washington, and then the long flight to Munich, and presto!  There I was, standing with my teammates in the rain in Ruhpolding!

For those of you who don’t know, our team manager is from a town nearby Ruhpolding, and he claims its always sunny here.  But for the World Cup races back in January it poured rain for three days straight.  So of course a little heckling is always in order!

But for the last three days it has not disappointed!  Bright sunshine everyday (except a quick thunderstorm today) and warm temps have made the training just about perfect.  Just yesterday the team went for a little bike tour, starting from Ruhpolding, briefly into Austria, then back to Germany, and onto the Chiemsee, a large lake nearby.  After a short paddle in the sun with some rented kayaks, it was back onto the bikes, and back to Ruhpolding.  All in all just a little over 5 hours total! But thats my job, and I’m not complaining!

We have another week of training here in Ruhpolding before we start moving around, first to Salzburg for testing, and then northwards to Oberhof for a little skiing in the tunnel!

I’ll try to remember my camera in the coming days and maybe get a few pictures up!  Thanks for checking in! Guten Tag.


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