Where does the time go?!

Yes, I know, its been far to long since I’ve updated. Probably about 5 months to long.  But the time flies and I’m not really sure where it goes!

I’ve been in Lake Placid, NY since the beginning of May.  A couple training camps have come and gone since then too.  I’ve had a super good summer of training so far, this is the longest time I’ve spent in one place in several years so its been great to settle in!  There’s a great set up for training here.  We have two ranges, one for running, one for rollerskiing, and endless opportunities for training in either running, biking, or rollerskiing.  As far as the weather goes, we’ve lucked out so far.  There has been a few workouts soaked by rain or heat, but for the most part, its been almost perfect weather for training!

Yesterday with teammates Wynn Roberts and Time Burke, I went for a long run/hike up in the Adirondack mountains.  Below are some photos of our little adventure.  And hopefully now that I’ve gotten the first post out of the way, there will be more to follow soon!



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