World Champs are over…

It doesn’t really seem like 10 days ago that I was stepping up to the line for the mixed relay, or a week ago the I was starting in the pursuit.  But the time has come and gone, and WCH’s are now over for me.

It was a really good time I must say.  I didn’t really know what to expect coming into these races, I just knew that it was time to race hard, and with a little bit of good shooting, I had the best week ever!  The highlight of the week for me was the mens relay for sure.  Sprinting past Germany’s Michael Greis on the last uphill and the photo finish with Markus Windisch.  Our team has been capable of that all year, but it didn’t really work out in our favor until now.  I’m lucky to be part of a team like this.

So to all of my coaches and teammates, I just want to say Thanks…

And to anyone else who’s ever helped me in even the smallest way to get where I am today, you all know you who are… Thank you

Now, time to watch the Womens Relay, then a little bit of packing.  Tomorrow we’re off to Oslo for the final World Cup of the season!


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