Chillin in Italia

Hello World!

I’m just here, hanging out in Italy. I”m sorry I haven’t posted much lately.  Right now I’m a bit to sunburned to focus… just kidding.  But seriously, it’s been quite the sunny warm place to hang out the last few days!  After half freezing to death for two weeks in northern Maine; Antholz, Italy was just about the perfect place to go.

I’m training here for the rest of the week, until Monday when I will drive over to Ridnaun Italy, for a competition in the European Championships.  Its only the one competition that I will be racing, and its mostly in preparation for the World Championships that will start late in the month in Russia.

Training is going well though.  Mostly its just good to train while its warm, as the current temps at our competition venue in Russia are now around -30C… as the high.

Ok, I’m off to get more sunshine, thanks for checking in!



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