Fort Kent WC!

It was about 7 years ago when the last USA World Cup was here in Fort Kent, Maine.  I was a little 15 year old twerp with tooth pick arms and legs.  So I guess, besides being older, not much has changed!  Little did I imagine that the next time the WC came back to Ft Kent, I would be racing.

Its going to be a cold weekend of racing here in Ft Kent, but I couldn’t be more excited!  Before the races last week in Presque Isle, I had a nagging head and chest cold that took a lot longer to go away than expected.  But that is pretty much all gone now and I’m all ready to race.

The setup here in Fort Kent is pretty nice.  It has been a good week here so far.  We received an extra few inches of snow on Tuesday, and now with cold temperatures the tracks are in great condition.  We are living in the sweet college dorms and are only a couple hundred feet from the dining hall!

I’m bib #51 for tomorrow.  I hope everyone can tune in to watch the race!  It starts at 11:30 eastern time.

Thanks for checking in!


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