Antholz Relay, and home to the USA!

Well the last few days have flown by pretty quick.  As soon as the relay was over in Antholz, we were busy packing up the wax room, skis, and clothes.  Destination USA!  With the conclusion of the second trimester, the WC is now moving home to the US.  With a short one week break, races will continue in Presque Isle, Maine next week, and Ft. Kent, Maine the week after.

The week in Antholz went by pretty quick.  It was a relief to see the sun after almost two weeks of clouds, rain, and fog.  With the exception of a small snowstorm the day after out arrival, it was sunny almost every day!   The highlight of the week in Antholz, was by far the Relay race on Sunday!  Our team has a lot of potential in the relay, but so far this year we had not shown it.  But with a strong leadoff leg by Lowell Bailey, it was then my turn.  And by a strong leg, I mean that Lowell tagged off to me in 2nd place…

I had never skied in 2nd place in a relay before.  Never been ahead of Bjorndalen in a race.  But I have to say, it was pretty fun, and I think I could get used to it!  I did my best though.  Though I lost a couple of spots, I didn’t lose a whole lot of time to the leaders, so it wasn’t a total loss!

Now however, I’m a little sick.  It was a long travel back to the US, and my body was feeling a little worn down and tired.  But hopefully I’ll recover quick and get back to training! For now, I’m just sleeping and eating some good home cooked food!

Thanks for checking in!

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