Night Ski

Last night I decided to go on a little adventure here in Antholz.  After dinner, I took advantage of a full moon (or nearly full) and a cloudless sky, to go out on a little night ski!  I had decided earlier in the morning to go for it, and I’m glad I did.  The conditions were perfect, and the scenery was beautiful. I skied from our hotel, located on the shores of Lake Antholz (Antholzer Sea) and trekked up the nearby pass, to the Austrian border. It was a pretty short ski, only about 45 minutes up, and 15 minutes back down, but well worth it!

And for those of you worried about my performance in the upcoming WC, don’t worry, I took the morning training session off to accommodate for this extra session!

Some pictures below, sorry if they’re a little blurry…

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