I suppose I should probly update…

Yes, its been a little while, probably about a month or so.  But there hasn’t really been a whole lot to report about in the last couple of weeks…

On January 2nd, I traveled from the USA to Oberhof, Germany for the 4th WC of the season.  I was greated by a lot of fog, wind, and rain.  That didn’t make for a very happy week.  I had some forgettable races there.  Though I shot clean in the relay, our team had a bad day, so my race didn’t help out too much.  The sprint race was much the opposite.  I had fast skiing for the first time this season, but the worst shooting that I’ve had this season, and so that race ended bad also.

The next week we were on to Ruhpolding, Germany.  Located three hours south of Oberhof, in Bavaria, it supposed to be sunny here all the time.  Or at least according to our team manager Bernd Eisenbichler.  However, we were in for a bad week as it as finally sunny the day we left Oberhof, and pouring rain by the time we got to Ruhpolding.  The races in Ruhpolding were nothing special.  I did have even faster skiing than Oberhof, but I was never able to put good shooting together.

So now we are in Antholz, Italy.  It is sunny, and warm and there is plenty of snow!  Hopefully this week, I will have both good skiing AND shooting, but we will see.  The first race is a 10km Sprint race on Thursday, followed by Mass start and Relay races over the weekend.

Tune in to Biathlon World TV to watch all of the races live!



Some pictures of Antholz

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