Too much snow?

I don’t know if its possible.  But this last weekend may have had just that… TOO MUCH snow.  I’ve  experienced a phenomenon like this only once before… Also in Austria, several years ago.

Perhaps its from my high-school ski experiences, skiing on a rock hard man made loop, everyday for three years… I think I’ve just adapted a preference to that kind of skiing.  So when over 1 meter (3ish ft) of snow fell in 48 hours, starting on Thursday afternoon, that still hasn’t stopped, it didn’t make the tracks much to my liking.  Mashed potatoes as I call them.

All in all, the weekend of racing was fairly disappointing for me.  The sprint race on friday was far from what I expect of myself.  Though I skied much better than last week, I still managed to miss a solid 4 out of 10, which dropped my down the results, to 70th, and out of Saturdays pursuit… Not what I wanted.  I was however, selected to race in the Relay on sunday.  Pretty exciting, as it was my first WC relay.  However, the team did not have a good day.  We had a bad day, no, it was worse.  Whats worse than bad?  I’ll tell you what is… our relay on Sunday.

So now its on to this week.  20km Individual race on Thursday, 10km Sprint on Saturday, and Mixed Relay on Sunday.  I’m happy to be in a new place, with new races to test myself! Hopefully it will go better this week!

Thanks for checking in.


By the way, there is no such thing as to much snow.

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