Sunny Austria

Well after a long travel yesterday, we’ve arrived in one piece here in Austria!  The trip was relatively uneventful.  A few delay’s here and there, a tasty pizza in Stockholm, a long bus ride, and we were in Hochfilzen by about 8:30PM local time.  The one major problem though, is that none of our bags decided to show up in Munich.  All the rifles made it, which is a plus, but without clothes to train in, and skis, we will be out of luck for training for the next day.

Luckily our wax team is currently making a long drive from Ostersund, all the way to Hochfilzen with all of our race skis, and most of our clothes. However they won’t arrive here until tonight, so today’s training will probly have to be running.

Also, though the race venue is in Hochfilzen, our hotel is in nearby Fieberbrunn (See the map to the right).  It is horribly sunny today and my eyes hurt, I have not seen this much sunlight since I left the US almost three weeks ago.  But thats a good thing! Another plus, its finally ok to drink water again.  No more boiling our water to rid it of nasty parasites!

I will hopefully post some pictures of the race venue this afternoon or tomorrow sometime! Thanks for checking in!


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