That was an interesting start…

Well, the season is off!  For me, yesterday’s race went pretty good!  I have never shot 20/20 in a race before.  I’ve shot 19/20 once, 18/20  a handful of times, but never hit them all.  So as I found myself in the middle of the last shooting stage, with two targets left, my legs started to shake.  Ever so gently, but enough to make me quite nervous for the last two bullets.

This race, although ending up perfect on the shooting side, was a bit of a disaster on the skiing side.  I have spent the last two days, stuck in my bed, enjoying the discomforts of my little cryptosporidum parasite friends.  I never really expected much when I stepped to the start line. So as I promptly started to cramp up on the second lap, run out of energy on the third lap, and finally all semblance of good ski technique on the fourth lap, I knew that my shooting had to stay in order for me to have a good result.

So with two bullets left to shoot in the final stage, I took my time, resettling and waiting for the perfect shot.  It came, and the targets went down!  I then made all outward appearances to make it look like I had a lot of energy left for a blistering final loop… but I knew I was already over the top, and I slowly struggled to finish off the race.

Hopefully by Saturday afternoon I will be feeling better, in time for the 10km Sprint race!

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