Winter is Cold…

Training the last few days in Ostersund has been excellent.  A little cold, the humidity caused by the ice-free lake nearby (Lake Storsjon) plus the snow guns, blowing nearly 24/7, make the temps feel colder than it actually is…

But the training has gone on just the same.  I’m just getting used to the snow, balancing on skis is not quite the same as rollerskis!

I’d like to give a shout out to the rest of the newly nominated US team.  Trials races have been taking place this last week in Canmore, Alberta.  The rest of the team should arrive here in Ostersund on Thursday; in time to start preparations for the first WC the following weekend! You can read about the team nominations here.

As for me, I’m enjoying a little off day now.  I just watched the Cross Country WC on tv.  Its pretty nice, can’t say I can do that at home!  Training will resume tomorrow.  Starting the last phase of the race preparations this week. Only 10 days now!  Here are some pictures from Ostersund.

The view from our apartment.
The range was not lit up last night...







More and more teams are starting to arrive now!  I think this week the venue will start more and more to look like the World Cup is approaching!  I’m getting pretty excited, and I just wish the racing would start already.  Still a little while to go though…

Thanks for checking in! Updates throughout the week!


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