Hello there! I talk to you now from the frozen, northern tundra of Ostersund, Sweden!

Actually, Ostersund is not tundra at all, or even super far north! But it is frozen.  I arrived here this afternoon after a long travel from MN.  The travel went just fine, skis and rifle arrived intact and on time which was nice.  All of my flights went off smoothly as well.  I met up with teammate Jeremy Teela, in JFK, and then Tim Burke in Stockholm.  We even went for a short ski once we got into town tonight.  The trails are in perfect condition!  There is manmade snow on about 7km or so, and another 4 or 5 inches of natural snow on top of that! So the skiing should be perfect for our little training camp before the first races!

I will try to take some pictures during training tomorrow! Time to go to bed now, its been a long day!


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