Ostersund '09

Bailey and Burke; Sunrise in Canmore.

Well hello there! Racing season is right around the corner! However my plans have changed a little bit in the last few days…

Originally I was planned to train and race in Canmore, all the way up till the 20th, then spend a few days at home in MN before heading to SWE on the 26th.  However, with the bad snow conditions and warm temps in Canmore, its been decided that I head to Sweden early to get a little better prepared for the first WC races!

So yesterday, I packed up all my gear (again, its a never ending process) and caught a flight from Calgary to Minneapolis.  It was another sweet bonus to find that 8 inches of snow had fallen at home!! Now my eagerness to start racing has really caught on fire, and I can’t wait to get going!!  Tuesday morning I will make the long travel from MN, to SWE to begin the final on snow camp before the first races.  Joining me will be Tim Burke, and Jeremy Teela, as we are all pre-qualified for the first WC’s!

Check back in a few days for some updates and pics from Ostersund!!