Fall is almost the best time of year…

Yes thats right, ALMOST the best.  Winter is of course my favorite, but the crispy cool mornings of fall mean that winter is right around the corner!!

Yes, 1 month from today I will begin my wintry international travels!  Starting with World Cup #1 in Oestersund, Sweden, I will then continue on through December to Austria, and Slovenia for WC #2 and #3.

But the fall is not over yet. With a short altitude training camp in Canmore, Alberta still to come, the preparation still has a little ways to go.  I have just finished a 4 week training camp at altitude in Soldier Hollow, Utah, the sight of the biathlon events at the 2002 Olympic games.  And besides a short sickness, the training has gone really well for me that last few weeks.  I have improved quite a bit in both shooting and skiing, and with a little more careful training, I should be ready to go!

Below are some pictures of the training in Utah.  Ya they aren’t much, I guess I can try a little harder to get more exciting pictures… I’ll try?


Thanks for checking in!

And If anyone wants to know… I have a new place for sponsorship area on my rifle!  So if you want your name on my rifle, and are willing to pay the big bucks (to beat out the all competition of course!!) just let me know 😛

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