A day of fun rest?

Well today is an off day, or was supposed to be an off day… at least until noon when three of my luger OTC neighbors walked into my room and invited my roommate Wynn and I onto their Beach Volleyball team!  As a day of sitting in the OTC didn’t sound super appealing, I decided to join!

Although it was a chilly 60 degrees and cloudy outside, the Tournament was never rained on and we proceeded to play.  I will say one thing about the tourney… although we did play ourselves to a second place, I don’t think four lugers and two biathletes will ever make a good beach volleyball team.  Something having to do with not quite enough grace and too much muscle.  They can stick to the track, and we’ll stick to the trails!

Its one week of training down, here in LP.  I have one more week to go before I’m off to a whole new place!! I don’t really have a home these days, I just go where I’m told, from place to place! I guess it sounds worse than it is, could be worse.

Hope all is well! Thanks for checking in!

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