Hiking and Biking

Well, another few days have gone by, a few more 3 hour runs, 5 hour bike rides, some intervals; you know, normal stuff that everyone does right??

I think its just a little more epic here in europe though!  The views, the mountains, everything is fairly extreme.  Yesterday the team was out for a 4 hour bike ride through the Alps.  We dragged ourselves up a solid 4 mountain passes, that climbed over 3,000 meters total (about 10,000 ft).  Tuesday I attemped to climb Mt.Hochgal(11,500 ft) by myself… but once I hit the glaciers and impassable cliffs, I was forced to turn around, which anyone who knows me knows that I hate missing out on anything extreme or potentially life threatening… 🙂 but I think my mother would be proud, or horrified!

We are here in the Antholz valley until saturday, then we make a move over to Obertilliach, Austria!  Some pictures of my adventures below…

Thanks for checking in!!

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