The first from Italy…

Hello There!

Well, we are one week into our five-week european training camp!  The internet is a little hard to come by in these parts, but as it is our off day today, I’ve finally made the trek down to an internet cafe in lower Antholz (Antholz Niedertal to the locals).  There are three Antholz’s here in the Antholz valley, Niedertal, Mittertal, and Obertal.  Our team is housed up at the Seehaus in Obertal, on the banks of the Antholzer Sea(see map at right).  Overall, I’d say its a typical little Italian valley village, lots of cows, green pastures, and tourists.

Now the training… that’s a whole other matter!  With the altitude here at around 5,500 ft(1,700m) the air is a little more sparse than what I’m used to back in the States.  But we haven’t wasted any time jumping into the training.  This last week we’ve spent quite a lot of time on the 1.5km biathlon loop, as well as some rollerskiing on the epic mountain roads, and a few 3 hour mountain runs!  Next week I’m hoping we will get out on the road bikes for a few alpine passes!

After about 4 months of anticipation, last week I finally received my new barrel and action!  And I’m happy to say… it seems that a good barrel makes quite the difference.  Though my old barrel was only about 3 years old, my old action(trigger and bolt) was about 25 years old.  So after a few problems last winter, my coaches and I decided it was time for a whole new, modern setup.  Though unfortunately, I can’t tell you I haven’t missed any targets… they seem to go down much easier than they used to!

Well, I’m sorry to say I don’t have any pictures to post today.  I mistakenly didn’t download them on to my computer, but I have  lots on my camera.  Tomorrow we will be able to use the internet at the biathlon venue, which is a mere 5 minute walk from our hotel, so I will be able to post more often!

So I think its ciao for now, thanks for checking in, and I hope all is well back in the good ol’ USA!


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