Finally the end!

To say the least, it has been a long training block.  The last three weeks the whole national team has been in a high hours volume block.  Since I’m a little younger than the others, I did a few less hours here and there.  The rest of the team did around 80-85.   I finished up with 77 hours, which is more training than I’ve ever done in such a short time!

Now its on to a recovery week.  With the low hours in training this week, its perfect for our shooting camp which starts up Tuesday morning in Lake Placid.  Teammate Russel Currier and I will be making the drive down to LP tomorrow!  We’ll have about 5 days of intense shooting training with only around 10 hours of physical training.  I’m definitely looking forward to the rest though!  I’ve found it hard to even get out the door for my workouts the last few days due to some pretty good fatigue.  But I’ll be taking plenty of naps this week, and getting ready for our European training camp which starts up July 28th in Italy!

Here are a few pictures from this last period of training,

Thanks for reading, Have a happy and safe 4th of July! God Bless America!

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